Is your website mobile responsive

More of your prospective customers are now surfing the web on their phones and tablets than ever before.  Bearing this in mind,  we create every website to work perfectly with whichever device they use.  We focus on great responsive design making sure nothing slows the site down. How do we do this?

It’s all in the layout

All of our website designs have layouts that are responsive.  This means they rescale themselves to whichever device they are being viewed on. Every website adapts to every size of screen from the tiniest mobile to the widest wide screen desktop computer and everything in between.  This prevents wording from running off the edge of the screen as well as images appearing within its boundaries. But why is this so important?

Google loves responsive

Mobile-responsive websites help to boost their search engine optimisation (also known by the acronym, SEO) as Google simply doesn’t like those that don’t work on a variety of devices.  They push responsive websites further up the list so when prospective customers search for products and services, those websites fair much better.

How do we do it?

Put simply, we check, check and check again by testing.  We do this using a nifty little computer gadget and then we repeat the tests for every site on a range of actual devices. We check that wording is legible in every format and that the lines aren’t too close together. As well as checking wording, we also check that menus work properly, especially drop-down menus which can appear very small on phones. We ensure that links take you where we would expect them to, either within the site or to another one.  We make sure that images, charts, graphics etc are able to be enlarged using two fingers to increase their size.

Slow and steady doesn’t win the race

Fast response times are really important when using mobile devices.  Customers simply don’t wait if your website is slow to load, so we check all our websites load quickly and we analyse why not if the statistics aren’t good.  Luckily, there’s a free tool called Google Analytics ( which can help.  Once registered, you can check the performance of your website, including its speed, and even drill down to specifics like the brand of mobile phones that have searched for you!  Not sure why you would need to know that, but there you go! Once you know your speeds, you can analyse what might be slowing down its load time and sort it.  There are also lots of other free and paid-for tools that go even further to check your website, so check out Tiny Analytics, Mixpanel, Hotjar, Statcounter, Monsterinsights, and Semrush.

Not everything has to show up in a responsive wesbite

Some parts of a desktop website may not be suitable for a mobile device. Examples of this includes sections of blank space that create a pleasing look in a large format but make the design gappy on a mobile.  We make sure that these are left out on mobiles to ensure the site scrolls down without annoying breaks. Other design-led features that are purely decorative, can also be omitted to optimise the message of the website without distraction.

Stop popping!

Have you ever just arrived on a website on your phone only to have a screen-covering pop-up obliterate your view?  To add insult to injury, you can’t find that lilttle cross to get rid of it.  Sounds familiar? Firstly we make sure any pop-ups our clients request are only visible once the customer has scrolled down more than 50% of the page.  This prevents that inital irritation and gives them time to ‘settle into’ their viewing experience.  We design mobile pop-ups differently to their full sized counterparts so they stay neatly between the borders of every device.

And definitely no Flash(ing)

Adobe Flash is an old school software platform that helps you to create video content, amongst other things.  While I wouldn’t dream of using it (there’s just no need), it can still be found on wesbites that haven’t been updated for ages. If this is you, please upload your video content again in a more modern format that doesn’t make your website load slower than a snail crawling uphill!

If all this advice has got your head spinning, head on over to our CONTACT PAGE, drop us a line and let’s see what we can do to help you.

Have a great day for real, and online

Helen xxx