My website is live, will you still help me

Firstly, congratulations on your brand-new website! It’s so exciting to see a new site ‘in the flesh’ even though I will have spent hours looking at it. Now you’re up and running, you are quite correct in thinking that might not be the end of the story. Here’s why you need to update…


Now your website has been launched, it is essential to keep it secure from hacking.  Imagine how you would feel if your website got taken over by a hacker who messed it up, tore it down or even tried to bribe you to get it back in your control? This can happen if all the security measures that were taken to launch it, are not updated. Some are part of the main package that makes up your website and some are called ‘plug-ins’ which are added to improve security.  Both need your attention on a regular basis as the companies that create them regularly update them with better and better features.


They say it only take a moment to make a first impression when you meet someone face-to-face for the first time and this is also true of searching the internet too.  The issue is that you have even less time to play with when a potential customer looks at your website.  The load time is all important here as pages that take any more than a couple of seconds to appear, will turn the customer off and they are more likely to move on, away from your website.  Speed can often be improved with regular maintenance, so it’s another reason to make sure it gets done.

Broken links

These can occur when you change or update anything on your website.  For example, if you stop selling a product and delete it from your online shop, the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) which is the web address for that item remains.  If a customer tries to buy this product using its URL, it will return a 404-error page.  If you’ve ever seen one of these when searching online, they can be very annoying.  Statistically, they turn people away from your website. Broken links need to be re-directed to another URL to prevent this happening.

Update with back ups

You may be able to get your website back to normal if it gets hacked, but only if it’s been backed up.  This means that you have ‘saved’ the most recent version of it.  If not, you may have lost everything.  At best, you may be able to return it to an old version of the website but how much better would it be if you could return it to a very recent version?  This is what makes backing up so important.

Check it

Occasionally, annoying gremlins can affect your website, so you should periodically use it as though you were a customer.  You can make sure you’re happy with how easy it is to move from page-to-page or buy a product.  This will then give you an idea of some changes you might like to make. Your prospective customers will move on to other websites if yours is too difficult to use.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimization is another task that needs to be scheduled. Simply put, if you typed in a phrase that your customers might use, would your website show up? For example, someone looking for a florist might type in ‘flowers for my wedding’, ‘bridal flowers’ or ‘brides bouquets’. There is a free tool called Answer The Public that shows you a range of phrases that relate to any business to help you. If you’re not showing up, you should look at your website behind the scenes to see if all pages, posts, media etc., are correctly optimised.  If not, they need to be.

Google Image Searches

Since 2001, Google has allowed users to search for images not text, and check where on the web you can find that, or a similar image. For example, if you see a pair of shoes you want to buy in an online magazine, you can right click the picture and click ‘search image with Google’.  You can then find out where else it appears so you can buy the shoes.  The keywords and data attached to the image help this process.  It also looks at the images in relation to the text on the same page.  Finally, Google learns what types of images are similar and can cluster them together. From the perspective of keeping your website relevant and ‘up there’ with your competitors, all your SEO needs to be accurate.

Don’t forget me

Regular updates, whether they are essential for security, or adding a blog every so often, it helps Google to remember you.  No updates = no memory of you!

In summary

Hope you are pleased with your website and enjoying its benefits. To keep everything working properly, you do indeed need to update regularly.  Perhaps a goal of monthly as a minimum is a good place to start.  Many of our client’s don’t have time for this.  We offer a range of packages that does it all for you from as little as £50 per month.  If you think this is something I can help with, just let me know by clicking HERE.

Have a great day for real, and online.

Helen xxx