Who are we?

We believe that any business you might want to do business with should answer the “who are you question?” right off the bat.  Here you can meet the small but energetically enthusiastic team that make up Foghorn Website Design and hopefully, you’ll learn a lot about them before you meet virtually or face-to-face.

Meet Helen, website designer

“Since leaving teaching, I have spent hours learning to become a website designer and I just love creating a beautiful, functional, easy to use website for a fantastic person who has bravely taken the plunge and ‘gone for it’ with their business idea.

Despite the fact Foghorn Website Design has more than a nod to my favourite colour pink, we have actually created just as many websites for stereotypically male dominated industries.  So if you are a gent working in the business of heavy machinery, rest assured we can leave the pastel palette to one side for you.

To sum up, I always listen to what a client wants, never give up and I like to make sure my dedication helps you grow your business as if it were my own. 

I can’t wait to work with you so get in contact soon.  Why not click here and let me know what your ideas are”

Helen Moye, Website Designer

Meet Jackie, award winning in-house photographer

“I have had an interest in photography since I got my first camera aged 14.  It was a Polaroid Instamatic and the size of a brick. Not very ‘instant’ by today’s standards!

My passion for capturing moments frozen in time, developed after joining a camera club some years later.  Here,  I learnt new techniques from more experienced photographers. I was encouraged to enter competitions and national exhibitions and won some awards along the way.

I love catching spontaneous moments in nature, the  raw emotion of a wedding and casual family portraiture.  More recently, I have worked commercially with other businesses creating images for their websites and promotional literature.  These have included product shots, staff profiles and images of business vehicles and premises. I pride myself in being infinitely adaptable to meet the client’s brief whilst being true to my style of approaching the subject from a unique angle when I can.

They say ‘the camera never lies’ which isn’t strictly true.  As a photographer I can embellish the truth by influencing what the camera captures,  This could mean manipulating the light, the subject or the perspective to achieve a desired outcome.

I look forward to working with you in the near future.”

Have a look at some of Jackie’s amazing work by clicking here

Camerawoman at large